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Level II - a master with experience

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The price

Length of courses

€ 199

1 day

Be a master with experience, but not completely sure about yourself and your work? Then this course is for you!  

Only the most "trendy" topics and the best master "kniffs" to help you become a professional in the field of eyebrows.

This course is intended for masters with experience in eyebrow modeling and correction.

** Masters can apply for the courses by presenting the existing certificate and master profile with works. We invite masters with insufficient basic knowledge to a 2-day basic course.


Instructor, author of the program

Ilze Sauša


  1. Dating

  2. The right approach to customers (7 topics)

  3. Pricing policy (5 topics)

  4. Competitiveness and customer focus

  5. Personal branding s

  6. Hybrid paints 2021

  7. Henna  

  8. Italian and American eyebrow wax technique (7 topics)

  9. All about and around eyebrow lamination (9 topics)

  10. How to choose the right colorant for the customer

  11. How to choose a colorant after eyebrow lamination

  12. Botox for eyebrows

  13. Choice of eyebrow gels

  14. Eyebrow extension

  15. Working with damaged eyebrows

  16. Eyebrow lightening  
  17. Eyebrow trends 2021 (3 topics)

  18. Social Networks (3 topics)

  19. Practice on 2 models.

LEVEL II. Status - eyebrow master

Image by Kelly Sikkema
After completing the course, we promise:


Competitive knowledge

Be the first among the masters.



A professional portfolio to promote your work.



Assistance after completing the course.

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