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Elleebana Lash Lift training

The price

€ 150

Length of courses

1 day

The course is intended for practicing masters with work experience of at least 4 months. Supplementing the basic knowledge for masters who want to follow the current events in the industry and improve their knowledge of the Lash Lift / eyelash lamination procedure. The course is intended for both Elleebana Lash Lift masters and experienced masters who want to start working with Elleebana Lash Lift products.


The course is recommended for any master who wants to supplement or update their knowledge, or tends to encounter problems during the procedure.  

When applying for the course, the existing eyelash lamination certificate and work portfolio page must be presented.

More about Elleebana products on the website


Official Elleeban coach and representative in Latvia.

Ilze Sauša

  1. What is Elleebana?

  2. Getting acquainted with the Elleebana Lash Lift procedure and its materials;

  3. Product selection;

  4. Preparation of the procedure, course of the process;

  5. Major errors and their elimination;

  6. Choosing the right silicone shape;

  7. Tips from the master to the perfect result;

  8. Restoration of damaged eyelashes;

  9. What is pH and its meaning;

  10. Working with 1 model;

  11. Portfolio creation - correct taking of customer pictures;

  12. Hand positioning;

  13. Choosing the right silicone shape according to the client's lash length;

  14. The course of the procedure and its execution;

  15. Eyelash dyeing;

  16. Application of additional materials: keratin / botox;

  17. Error detection and correction.


Status - Further training

The courses follow Elleeban's (Australia) guidelines and Ilze Sausha's author's program.

Day I 11: 30-17: 00

11:30 Registration

12:00 - Theoretical block
13:30 - Practical work

14:00 - Video demonstration from Ilze Sauša

14:30 - Break, coffee break, preparation for practical work
15:00 - Practice on model I.


Starter kit  ~ 150 EUR, products can also be purchased separately.

A certificate is issued

Image by Kelly Sikkema
After completing the course, we promise:


Competitive knowledge

Be the first among the masters.



A professional portfolio to promote your work.



Assistance after completing the course.

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